Tahukah anda kolesterol tinggi dapat sebabkan kanker payudara?

A preliminary study showed that women with high cholesterol in the blood increased risk of developing breast cancer.

“It increases the chances of breast cancer prevention using statins, which can lower cholesterol, but as past studies, the significance of time and research is needed before this idea can be tested,” says the founder of the study unit Algorithm for comorbidities, Associations, Length of stay and Mortality (ACALM) and author, Dr. Rahul Potluri.

Over the past few years, population studies have shown an association between obesity and breast cancer. Last year, a study using mice as its object concluded, lowering cholesterol may be able to prevent or treat breast cancer.

“We have a principle that obesity is associated with breast cancer and a study suggests this may be due to cholesterol. We decided to investigate what no other relationship between hyperlipidemia, which are essentially high cholesterol and breast cancer,” said Dr. Polturi as reported by Female First. obat kolesterol

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of more than one million patients in the United Kingdom between 2000 and 2013 using a database ACALM.

In this database, known around 664 159 women. A total of 22 938 people from their suffering from hyperlipidemia (diseases caused by increased levels of fat in the blood) and 9312 people suffering from breast cancer.

While 530 women suffering from hyperlipidemia developing into breast cancer.

In this case, the researchers used a statistical model to study the relationship between hyperlipidemia and breast cancer. They find, have hyperlipidemia increases the risk of breast cancer as much as 1.64 times.

“We found that women with high cholesterol levels, have a greater chance of suffering from breast cancer. This is observarsional studies, so we can not conclude high cholesterol causes breast cancer, but the strength of this relationship requires further investigation,” said Dr. Potluri.

“A prospective study that monitors the risk of breast cancer in women who have no cholesterol and are needed to confirm what we found. If the relationship between high cholesterol and breast cancer is valid, the next step will be to see if lowering cholesterol levels using statins may reduce the risk of cancer development , “he added.

He concluded, though this study is the prefix, but the results are promising. The study found a significant association between high cholesterol levels and the development of breast cancer that needs to be investigated further.

“Warning is needed when interpreting these results because even though we did extensive population studies, analysis is retrospective and observational limitations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senior Policy Officer of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Dr. Caroline Dalton, said that, although the study did not prove high cholesterol causes breast cancer, but it presents a compelling reason why further research should be done in certain areas.

“It’s too early to say whether lowering cholesterol, for example through the use of statins, can reduce the risk of breast cancer,” he said.

According to him, we all know there are many things that women can do to help reduce the risk of this disease, such as maintaining a healthy weight or perform an active lifestyle.

Translators: Lia Wanadriani Santosa



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